Fish sauce

150 ml
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Combined with Shan'shi Ginger, the full-bodied taste with its slightly spicy aroma featured in Shan'shi Fish Sauce can be enjoyed the most!

Fish sauce 150 ml

Fish Sauce is a salty and very intense seasoning sauce primarily used in Indonesian cooking. It contains anchovy extract, salt and sugar. Being a very intense ingredient, Shan'shi Fish Sauce should only be used very sparingly. Usually, a few drops are sufficient to provide wok dishes containing fresh vegetables and fish with an optimal seasoning base.

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Average per 100 ml
Energy 214 kJ / 50 kcal
Fat 0,1 g
of which saturates 0 g
Carbohydrate 8,3 g
of which sugars 6,4 g
Protein 4,0 g
Salt 12,9 g

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Delicious variety of tofu and mushrooms.

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