Crab chips

50 g

Shan'shi Spicy Chili Sauce or Shan'shi Hot India are perfect dips for your crab chips!

Crab chips 50 g

Shan'shi Crab Chips are shrimp crackers originally from Indonesia. They are made in accordance with an original recipe using shrimps and high-quality Tapioca flour without preservatives. Grounded shrimps and Tapioca flour, which is made from manioc root, is made into a dough, which is then sliced, dried and fried. Shan’shi Crab Chips, also known as krupuk are a popular cocktail snack and an essential part of every Indonesian menu.

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Average per 100 g
Energy 2088 kJ / 499 kcal
Fat 26 g
of which saturates 2,6 g
Carbohydrate 63 g
of which sugars 5,5 g
Protein 2,3 g
Salt 3,3 g

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